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We at are glad to receive feedback from our readers, because everything we do is aimed at benefiting you. Since the creation of the site, our team has been striving to write the highest quality, relevant and helpful content for the Indian audience. At the same time, each of our readers can influence what we do and how we do it. For these purposes, we offer several convenient channels. Feel free to pick any of them and send us a message with gratitude, advice or constructive criticism. We welcome any feedback, because in the end it allows us to get better. 

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If you are a regular reader of our articles and would like to express your opinion about them, then utilize any of the channels we offer. Please note that we do not use Live Chat on the site This is due to the fact that we are not an online bookmaker or casino, and we do not need to provide answers to readers as quickly as possible. Operators should do this in order to solve situations with transaction delays, and other issues affecting the experience and impressions of players. 

We, in turn, work at a more relaxed pace, and have time to reflect on the reader’s feedback and decide whether to use suggestions or comments to improve the quality of our work. For this reason, we do not see the feasibility of utilizing Live Chat. 

Thus, our readers can use these channels: 

  • Email. Copy our email address and send us a message with your impressions of the site Please provide your name so that we know how we should call you if the feedback requires a response from us. This option is also a great way to attach screenshots, files, or even a resume to a message if you suddenly want to join our team of authors; 

In-site Feedback Form. Using this option to contact us, you need to provide the name and email address. Next, utilize an empty field to write a comment. We welcome constructive criticism, so if you think that the site lacks reviews of online bookmakers in India, then write about it. Or maybe you would like to read more info materials about betting? — Feel free to contact us and tell us about it. We carefully peruse all the messages that come to our email, and you have the chance to influence the development of our project.