Responsible Gambling: what is it?

Responsible Gambling is a specific section of the company that is responsible for tackling gambling addiction. This can take the form of an uncontrollable desire to spend a lot of time and money online on betting and casinos. In some countries, this kind of problem has the category of a real disease. Every company is committed to developing policies that will help players avoid and combat gambling and casino addiction. This is done by establishing certain rules and conditions, liability measures for their violation and advice on how to prevent the development of an addiction.

Symptoms of gambling addiction

Gambling addiction usually manifests itself in a lack of personal desire to stop gambling or casinos. There are many users of the company, so the symptoms and manifestations may be different for each. Nevertheless, there is a rough list suitable for literally everyone. These include:

  • You experience nervous tension when you lose;
  • You have no control over how much time and money you spend online;
  • Your real life takes a back seat;
  • You try to find money for betting and casinos in any way you can, including by selling personal belongings or those of your family members, friends and acquaintances, dubious moonlighting, and illegal activities;
  • You do not give a full account of your actions, relying on emotions rather than knowledge and logic while betting and in casinos.

This list is not closed. If the situation develops in such a way that you can find at least one symptom in yourself, you are advised to stop using the site or app immediately and start dealing with the problem.

Ways of dealing with addiction problems

The problem of gamblers developing an addiction is quite acute at the moment. As the level of development of online casinos and bookmakers increases day by day, so does the risk of developing this kind of problem. If the situation is such that you find that you are experiencing the symptoms of addiction, use the following guidelines:

  • Set personal financial and time limits to spend less time online;
  • Reach out to the people closest to you so that they can monitor your behaviour from the outside;
  • Contact the company’s support team to ask for compulsory measures: temporary and financial limits, restrictions on access to certain functions, complete blocking of access to the website, the app in general and your account in particular (with or without the right to restore it).

In case the problem is quite acute, try to contact a professional. The company cooperates with the best services for psychological services in this matter, including consultations and full support of the player in the treatment of his illness.

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Recommendations for preventing the emergence and development of gambling addiction

If you do not want to deny yourself the pleasure of taking part in betting and casinos, you should regulate your behaviour and control yourself at the initial stages. To combat this problem, the company offers you the following tips on how to prevent and avoid such problems in advance. The list is as follows:

  • Set yourself a certain amount of money at the beginning of the gambling month which will not affect your budget too much and calculate your activities based on this money;
  • Schedule your activities in advance to fit gambling into your schedule in a concise manner;
  • Control the time and amounts you leave online;
  • Try not to involve your loved ones and family members in gambling with a casino or bookmaker you like;
  • Do not borrow money to gamble;
  • Do not participate in gambling and betting while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants;
  • Control your emotions while gambling;
  • Try not to win back immediately after losing a game;
  • Take breaks between games and matches;
  • Try not to take part in activities when you are in a depressed mood, under the emotions of anger, anger, aggression;
  • Introduce variety into your games to learn something new and not get bogged down in monotony, which can affect your mood to a great extent;
  • If you feel the signs of addiction are beginning to show, remove the mobile app if you have one, to put less emphasis on the platform.

By following these tips you can safely reduce the risks of developing a gambling addiction. And in case the signs have not yet manifested in your behaviour, these tips can help you avoid the problem altogether!